Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the World: From the Beginnings of Humankind to the Present by Elizabeth Pollard EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the World: From the Beginnings of Humankind to the Present by Elizabeth Pollard EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Title Page
Contents in Brief
Current Trends in World History
Analyzing Global Developments
Global Themes and Sources
About the Authors
The Geography of the Ancient and Modern Worlds
Chapter 10 Becoming “The World” 1000–1300 CE
Development of Maritime Trade
The Islamic World in a Time of Political Fragmentation
India as a Cultural Mosaic
Song China: Insiders versus Outsiders
Christian Europe
Worlds Coming Together: Sub-Saharan Africaand the Americas
The Mongol Transformation of Afro-Eurasia
Chapter 11 Crises and Recovery in Afro-Eurasia 1300–1500
Collapse and Consolidation
The Islamic Heartland
Western Christendom
Ming China
Chapter 12 Contact, Commerce, and Colonization 1450–1600
The Old Trade and the New
The Atlantic World
The Transformation of Europe
Prosperity in Asia
Chapter 13 Worlds Entangled 1600–1750
Economic and Political Effects of Global Commerce
Exchanges and Expansions in North America
The Plantation Complex in the Caribbean
The Slave Trade and Africa
Asia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Transformations in Europe
Chapter 14 Cultures of Splendor and Power 1500–1780
Trade and Culture
Culture in the Islamic World
Culture and Politics in East Asia
African Cultural Flourishing
The Enlightenment in Europe
Creating Hybrid Cultures in the Americas
The Influence of European Culture in Oceania
Chapter 15 Reordering the World 1750–1850
Revolutionary Transformations and New Languages of Freedom
Political Reorderings
Change and Trade in Africa
Economic Reordering
Persistence and Change in Afro-Eurasia
Chapter 16 Alternative Visions of the Nineteenth Century
Reactions to Social and Political Change
Prophecy and Revitalization in the Islamic World and Africa
Prophecy and Rebellion in China
Socialists and Radicals in Europe
Insurgencies against Colonizingand Centralizing States
Chapter 17 Nations and Empires 1850–1914
Consolidating Nations and Constructing Empires
Expansion and Nation Building in the Americas
Consolidation of Nation-States in Europe
Industry, Science, and Technology
Global Expansionism and an Age of Imperialism
Pressures of Expansion in Japan, Russia, and China
Chapter 18 An Unsettled World 1890–1914
Progress, Upheaval, and Movement
Discontent with Imperialism
Worldwide Insecurities
Cultural Modernism
Rethinking Race and Reimagining Nations
Chapter 19 Of Masses and Visions of the Modern 1910–1939
The Quest for the Modern
The Great War
Mass Society: Culture, Production, and Consumption
Mass Politics: Competing Visions for Building Modern States
Chapter 20 The Three-World Order 1940–1975
World War II and Its Aftermath
The Beginning of the Cold War
Three Worlds
Tensions Within the Three Worlds
Chapter 21 Globalization 1970–2000
Removing Obstacles to Globalization
Unleashing Globalization
Characteristics of the New Global Order
Citizenship in the Global World
Epilogue: 2001–The Present
Global Challenges
The United States, the European Union, and Japan
China, India, and Russia
The Middle East, Africa, and Latin America
Further Readings