The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 14th Edition By J.E. Smyth EBOOK PDF Instant Download




The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 14th Edition By J.E. Smyth EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Law in its Social and Business Context

Chapter 1: Law, Society, and Business

Chapter 2: The Machinery of Justice

Chapter 3: Government Regulation of Business

Part 2: Torts

Chapter 4: The Law of Torts

Chapter 5: Professional Liability: The Legal Challenges

Part 3: Contracts

Chapter 6: Formation of a Contract: Offer and Acceptance

Chapter 7: Formation of a Contract: Consideration and Intention

Chapter 8: Formation of a Contract: Capacity to Contract and Legality of Object

Chapter 9: Grounds Upon Which a Contract May Be Set Aside: Mistake and Misrepresentation

Chapter 10: Writing and Interpretation

Chapter 11: Privity of Contract and the Assignment of Contractual Rights

Chapter 12: The Discharge of Contracts

Chapter 13: Breach of Contract and Its Remedies

Part 4: Special Types of Contracts

Chapter 14: Sale of Goods and Consumer Contracts

Chapter 15: Bailment and Leasing

Chapter 16: Insurance and Guarantee

Chapter 17: Agency and Franchising

Chapter 18: The Contract of Employment

Chapter 19: Negotiable Instruments

Part 5: Property

Chapter 20: Intellectual Property

Chapter 21: Interests in Land and Their Transfer

Chapter 22: Landlord and Tenant

Chapter 23: Mortgages of Land and Real Estate Transactions

Part 6: Business Organizations: Their Forms, Operation, and Management

Chapter 24: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

Chapter 25: The Nature of a Corporation and Its Formation

Chapter 26: Corporate Governance: The Internal Affairs of Corporations

Chapter 27: Corporate Governance: External Responsibilities

Part 7: Creditors and Debtors

Chapter 28: Secured Transactions

Chapter 29: Creditors’ Rights

Part 8: The Modern Legal Environment for Business

Chapter 30: International Business Transactions

Chapter 31: Electronic Commerce

Chapter 32: Privacy