Strategic Management: Concepts Edition 2 by Frank T. Rothaermel EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Strategic Management: Concepts Edition 2 by Frank T. Rothaermel EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Part One: Strategy Analysis
Chapter 1: What Is Strategy, and Why Is It Important?
Chapter 2: Strategic Leadership: Managing the Strategy Process
Chapter 3: External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups
Chapter 4: Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies
Chapter 5: Competitive Advantage, Firm Performance, and Business Models
Part Two: Strategy Formulation
Chapter 6: Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Integration
Chapter 7: Business Strategy: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 8: Corporate Strategy: Vertical Integration and Diversification
Chapter 9: Corporate Strategy: Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances
Chapter 10: Global Strategy: Competing Around the World
Part Three: Strategy Implementation
Chapter 11: Organizational Design: Structure, Culture, and Control
Chapter 12: Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
MINCASE 1: Does Facebook Have a Strategy
MINCASE 2: Michael Phelps: The Greatest Olympian
MINCASE 3: Teach for America: Inspiring Future Leaders
MINCASE 4: Strategy and Serendipity: A Billion-Dollar Bonanza
MINCASE 5: The Wonder from Sweden: Is IKEA’s Success Sustainable
MINCASE 6: Starbucks: Re-creating Its Uniqueness
MINCASE 7: LVMH in China: Building Its Empire of Desire
MINCASE 8: GE under Jack Welch vs. Jeffrey Immelt
MINCASE 9: Competing on Business Models: Google vs. Microsoft
MINCASE 10: From Good to Great to Gone: The Rise and Fall of Circuit City
MINCASE 11: China’s Li Ning Challenges Nike and adidas
MINCASE 12: Which Automotive Technology Will Win?
MINCASE 13: Is Porsche Killing the Golden Goose?
MINCASE 14: The Rise of Samsung Electronics
MINCASE 15: Yummy Yum!’s Competitive Advantage in China
MINCASE 16: BYD—“Build Your Dreams” in America
MINCASE 17: Alibaba and China’s E-Commerce: “Open Sesame” Comes True
MINCASE 18: The Premature Death of a Google Forerunner at Microsoft
MINCASE 19: Sony’s Structure and Competitive Disadvantage
MINCASE 20: USB’s Billion-Dollar Ethics Scandals
How to Conduct A Case Analysis