Quantitative Analysis for Management / Edition 12by Barry Render EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Quantitative Analysis for Management / Edition 12 by Barry Render EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
Chapter 2 Probability Concepts and Applications
Chapter 3 Decision Analysis
Chapter 4 Regression Models
Chapter 5 Forecasting
Chapter 6 Inventory Control Models
Chapter 7 Linear Programming Models: Graphical and Computer Methods
Chapter 8 Linear Programming Applications
Chapter 9 Transportation, Assignment, and Network Models
Chapter 10 Integer Programming, Goal Programming, and Nonlinear Programming
Chapter 11 Project Management
Chapter 12 Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models
Chapter 13 Simulation Modeling
Chapter 14 Markov Analysis
Chapter 15 Statistical Quality Control

Online Modules 1 Analytic Hierarchy Process

Online Modules 2 Dynamic Programming

Online Modules 3 Decision Theory and the Normal Distribution

Online Modules 4 Game Theory

Online Modules 5 Mathematical Tools: Determinants and Matrices

Online Modules 6 Calculus-Based Optimization

Online Modules 7 Linear Programming: The Simplex Method

Online Modules 8 Transportation, Assignment, and Network Algorithms