Real Estate Principles A Value Approach 4e Archer Ling EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach, 4th edition by Wayne Archer (Author), David Ling (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download
Table of Content
Part 1: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: The Nature of Real Estate and Real Estate Markets

Part 2: Legal and Regulatory Determinants of Value
Chapter 2: Legal Foundations to Value
Chapter 3: Conveying Real Property Interests
Chapter 4: Government Controls and Real Estate Markets

Part 3: Market Valuation and Appraisal
Chapter 5: Market Determinants of Value
Chapter 6: Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value: Market Research
Chapter 7: Valuation Using the Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches
Chapter 8: Valuation Using the Income Approach

Part 4: Financing Home Ownership
Chapter 9: Real Estate Finance: The Laws and Contracts
Chapter 10: Residential Mortgage Types and Borrower Decisions
Chapter 11: Sources of Funds for Residential Mortgages

Part 5: Brokering and Closing the Transaction
Chapter 12: Real Estate Brokerage and Listing Contracts
Chapter 13: Contracts for Sale and Closing

Part 6: Time, Opportunity Cost and Value Decisions
Chapter 14: The Effects of Time and Risk on Value
Chapter 15: Mortgage Calculations and Decisions

Part 7: Financing and Investing in Commercial Real Estate
Chapter 16: Commercial Mortgage Types and Decisions
Chapter 17: Sources of Commercial Debt and Equity Capital
Chapter 18: Investment Decisions: Ratios
Chapter 19: Investment Decisions: NPV and IRR
Chapter 20: Income Taxation and Value

Part 8: Creating and Maintaining Value
Chapter 21: Enhancing Value through Ongoing Management
Chapter 22: Leases and Property Types
Chapter 23: Development: The Dynamics of Creating Value