Negotiation 7th Edition by Lewicki Saunders Barry EBOOK PDF Instant Download

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Negotiation 7th Edition by Roy Lewicki (Author), David Saunders (Author), Bruce Barry (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Content
Section 1: Negotiation Fundamentals
1.1 Three Approaches to Resolving Disputes: Interests, Rights, and Power
1.2 Selecting a Strategy
1.3 Balancing Act: How to Manage Negotiation Tensions
1.4 The Negotiation Checklist
1.5 Effective Negotiating Techniques: From Selecting Strategies to Side-Stepping Impasses and Assumptions
1.6 Closing Your Business Negotiations
1.7 Defusing the Exploding Offer: The Farpoint Gambit
1.8 Implementing a Collaborative Strategy
1.9 Solve Joint Problems to Create and Claim Value
1.10 The Walk in the Woods: A Step-by-Step Method for Facilitating Interest-Based Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
1.11 Negotiating with Liars
1.12 Negotiation Ethics
1.13 Three Schools of Bargaining Ethics
Section 2: Negotiation Subprocesses
2.1 Negotiating Rationally: The Power and Impact of the Negotiator’s Frame
2.2 Managers and Their Not-So Rational Decisions
2.3 Untapped Power: Emotions in Negotiation
2.4 Negotiating with Emotion
2.5 Negotiating Under the Influence: Emotional Hangovers Distort Your Judgment and Lead to Bad Decisions
2.6 Staying with No
2.7 Negotiation via (the New) E-mail
2.8 Where Does Power Come From?
2.9 Harnessing the Science of Persuasion
2.10 The Six Channels of Persuasion
2.11 A Painful Close
Section 3: Negotiation Contexts
3.1 Staying in the Game or Changing It: An Analysis of Moves and Turns in Negotiation
3.2 Bargaining in the Shadow of the Tribe
3.3 Create Accountability, Improve Negotiations
3.4 The Fine Art of Making Concessions
3.5 The High Cost of Low Trust
3.6 Consequences of Principal and Agent
3.7 The Tension between Principals and Agents
3.8 When a Contract Isn’t Enough: How to Be Sure Your Agent Gets You the Best Deal
3.9 This Is Not a Game: Top Sports Agents Share Their Negotiating Secrets
3.10 Can’t Beat Them? Then Join a Coalition
3.11 Building and Maintaining Coalitions and Allegiances throughout Negotiations
3.12 How to Manage Your Negotiating Team
Section 4: Individual Differences
4.1 Women Don’t Ask
4.2 Become a Master Negotiator
4.3 Should You Be a Negotiator?
Section 5: Negotiation across Cultures
5.1 Culture and Negotiation
5.2 Intercultural Negotiation in International Business
5.3 American Strengths and Weaknesses
Section 6: Resolving Differences
6.1 Doing Things Collaboratively: Realizing the Advantage or Succumbing to Inertia?
6.2 Don’t Like Surprises? Hedge Your Bets with Contingent Agreements
6.3 Extreme Negotiations
6.4 Taking the Stress Out of Stressful Conversations
6.5 Renegotiating Existing Agreements: How to Deal with “Life Struggling against Form”
6.6 How to Handle “Extreme” Negotiations with Suppliers
6.7 When and How to Use Third-Party Help
6.8 Investigative Negotiation
Section 7: Summary
7.1 Best Practices in Negotiation
7.2 Getting Past Yes: Negotiating as if Implementation Mattered
7.3 The Four Pillars of Effective Negotiation
7.4 Seven Strategies for Negotiating Success
7.5 Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators
1. Pemberton’s Dilemma
2. The Commons Dilemma
3. Pasta Wars
4. Planning for Negotiations
5. The Used Car
6. GTechnica—AccelMedia
7. Knight Engines/Excalibur Engine Parts
8. Toyonda
9. The Pakistani Prunes
10. Universal Computer Company
11. Bestbooks/Paige Turner
12. SeaTech
13. Eurotechnologies, Inc.
14. AuraCall Inc.
15. Island Cruise
16. Live8
17. The New House Negotiation
18. Twin Lakes Mining Company
19. The Buena Vista Condo
20. City of Tamarack
21. Negotiating about Giant Pandas
22. Ridgecrest School Dispute
23. Salary Negotiations
24a. (MBA). Job Offer Negotiation: Joe Tech and Robust Routers
24b. Job Offer Negotiation: Jane Tech and Robust Routers
25. The Employee Exit Interview
26. Coalition Bargaining
27. Second South American Conference on the Environment
28. The Connecticut Valley School
29. Bakery-Florist-Grocery
30. Campbell-Lessing Farms
31. Dogs in the Park
32. Third-Party Conflict Resolution
33. Elmwood Hospital Dispute
34. 500 English Sentences
35. Sick Leave
36. Alpha-Beta
37. Galactica SUV
38. Bacchus Winery
39. GRID Site Negotiation
40. Strategic Moves and Turns
41. A Team in Trouble
42. Collecting Nos
43. The Power Game
1. Pacific Oil Company
2. Negotiating about Pandas for San Diego Zoo
3. Collective Bargaining at Magic Carpet Airlines: A Union Perspective
4. Bargaining Strategy in Major League Baseball
5. Midwestern::Contemporary Art
6. 500 English Sentences
7. Sick Leave
1. The Subjective Value Inventory
2. The Personal Bargaining Inventory
3. The SINS II
4. Six Channels of Persuasion Survey
5. The Trust Scale
6. Communication Competence Scale
7. The Cultural Intelligence Scale
8. The PMD Scale