Introduction to Financial Accounting 7E Thomas and Ward EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Introduction to Financial Accounting, 7/e by
Andrew Thomas and Anne Marie Ward EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Content

PART 1: The Framework of Accounting

CHAPTER 1: Entities and financial reporting statements

CHAPTER 2: International accounting: institutional framework and standards

CHAPTER 3: The history and purpose of the conceptual framework

CHAPTER 4: The nature and objectives of financial accounting

CHAPTER 5: Accounting principles, concepts and policies

CHAPTER 6: The conceptual framework of accounting

CHAPTER 7: Auditing, corporate governance and ethics
PART II: Double-entry bookkeeping

CHAPTER 8: The accounting equation and its components

CHAPTER 9: Basic documentation and books of account

CHAPTER 10: Double entry and the general ledger

CHAPTER 11: The balancing of accounts and the trial balance

CHAPTER 12: Day books and the journal

CHAPTER 13: The cash book

CHAPTER 14: The petty cash book

Part III: Preparing final financial statements for sole traders

CHAPTER 15: The final financial statements of sole traders

CHAPTER 16: Depreciation and non-current assets

CHAPTER 17: Bad debts and provisions for bad debts

CHAPTER 18: Accruals and prepayments

CHAPTER 19: The preparation of final financial statements from the trial balance

Part IV: Internal control and check

CHAPTER 20: The bank reconciliation statement

CHAPTER 21: Control accounts

CHAPTER 22: Errors and suspense accounts

CHAPTER 23: Single entry and incomplete records