Management of Human Resources The Essentials 4th Canadian Edition 4e by Cole and Dessler EBOOK PDF Instant Download



Management of Human Resources: The Essentials, Fourth Canadian Edition (4th Edition) by Nina D. Cole (Author) Gary Dessler (Author) Nita Chhinzer (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

PART 1           Human Resources Management in Perspective

Chapter 1     The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management

Chapter 2     The Changing Legal Emphasis

PART 2           Meeting Human Resources Requirements

Chapter 3     Designing and Analyzing Jobs

Chapter 4     Human Resources Planning and Recruitment

Chapter 5     Selection

PART 3           Developing Effective Human Resources

Chapter 6     Orientation and Training

Chapter 7     Performance Management

PART 4           Total Rewards

Chapter 8     Strategic Pay Plans

Chapter 9     Employee Benefits and Services

PART 5           Building Effective EmployerEmployee Relationships

Chapter 10   Occupational Health and Safety

Chapter 11   Managing Employee Separations: Foundations of Employee Engagement, Communication, and Turnover Management

Chapter 12   Labour Relations

PART 6           Global Issues in Human Resources Management

Chapter 13   Managing Human Resources in a Global Business