Looking at Movies Edition 5 by Richard Barsam EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Looking at Movies Edition 5 by Richard Barsam EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Half Title
About the Authors
To Students
Chapter 1 – Looking at Movies
Looking at Movies
What Is a Movie?
Ways of Looking at Movies
Chapter 2 – Principles of Film Form
Film Form
Form and Expectations
Fundamentals of Film Form
Realism and Antirealism
Cinematic Language
Looking at Film Form: Donnie Darko
Chapter 3 – Types of Movies
The Idea of Narrative
Types of Movies
Hybrid Movies
Six Major American Genres
Evolution and Transformation of Genre
What about Animation?
Looking at the Types of Movies in The Lego Movie
Looking at Mise-en-Scène
Chapter 4 – Elements of Narrative
What Is Narrative?
The Screenwriter
Elements of Narrative
Looking at Narrative: John Ford’s Stagecoach
Chapter 5 – Mise-en-Scène
What Is Mise-en-Scène?
Looking at Mise-en-Scène
Chapter 6 – Cinematography
What Is Cinematography?
The Director of Photography
Cinematographic Properties of the Shot
Framing of the Shot
Speed and Length of the Shot
Special Effects
Looking at Cinematography: Richard Linklater’s Boyhood
Chapter 7 – Acting
What Is Acting?
The Evolution of Screen Acting
Casting Actors
Aspects of Performance
How Filmmaking Affects Acting
Looking at Acting
Chapter 8 – Editing
What Is Editing?
The Film Editor
Major Approaches to Editing: Continuity and Discontinuity
Looking at Editing
Chapter 9 – Sound
What Is Sound?
Sound Production
Describing Film Sound
Sources of Film Sound
Types of Film Sound
Functions of Film Sound
Looking at (and Listening to) Sound in Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane
Chapter 10 – Film History
What Is Film History?
Basic Approaches to Studying Film History
A Short Overview of Film History
1947–Present: New Cinemas in Great Britain, Europe, and Asia
1965–1995: The New American Cinema
Looking at Citizen Kane and Its Place in Film History
Chapter 11 – How the Movies Are Made
Money, Methods, and Materials: The Whole Equation
Film and Digital Technologies: An Overview
How a Movie Is Made
The Studio System
The Independent System
Financing in the Industry
Marketing and Distribution
Production in Hollywood Today
Permissions Acknowledgments