Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining 10th Edition Carrell Heavrin EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining: 10th Edition by Michael R. Carrell (Author), Christina Heavrin J.D. (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Part I: Labor Relations Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction to Labor Relations
Chapter 2: History and Law of Labor Relations in the Private Sector
Chapter 3: Public Sector Labor Relations: History & Laws
Part II: The Collective Bargaining Process
Chapter 4: Establishing a Bargaining Unit and the Organizing Campaign
Chapter 5: Negotiation Models, Strategies, and Tactics
Chapter 6: Negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement
Part III: Cost of Labor Contracts
Chapter 7: Wage and Salary Issues
Chapter 8: Employee Benefits
Chapter 9: Job Security and Seniority
Part IV: The Labor Relations Process in Action
Chapter 10: Unfair Labor Practices and Contract Enforcement
Chapter 11: Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
Chapter 12: The Arbitration Process
Chapter 13: Comparative Global Industrial Relations