Intermediate Financial Management / Edition 12 by Eugene F. Brigham EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Intermediate Financial Management / Edition 12 by Eugene F. Brigham EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Part I Fundamental Concepts of Corporate Finance

1 An Overview of Financial Management and the Financial Environment
2 Risk and Return:
Part I
3 Risk and Return:
Part II
4 Bond Valuation
5 Financial Options
6 Accounting for Financial Management
7 Analysis of Financial Statements Part II Corporate Valuation
8 Basic Stock Valuation
9 Corporate Valuation and Financial Planning
10 Corporate Governance
11 Determining the Cost of Capital
Part III Project Valuation
12 Capital Budgeting: Decision Criteria
13 Capital Budgeting: Estimating Cash Flows and Analyzing Risk
14 Real Options PART IV Strategic Financing Decisions
15 Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Repurchases
16 Capital Structure Decisions
17 Dynamic Capital Structures and Corporate Valuation
PART V Tactical Financing Decisions
18 Initial Public Offerings, Investment Banking, and Financial Restructuring
19 Lease Financing
20 Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Warrants, and Convertibles
PART VI Working Capital Management
21 Supply Chains and Working Capital Management
22 Providing and Obtaining Credit
23 Other Topics in Working Capital Management
PART VII Special Topics 24 Enterprise Risk Management
25 Bankruptcy, Reorganization, and Liquidation
26 Mergers and Corporate Control
27 Multinational Financial Management Web Chapters Chapter
28 Time Value of Money Chapter
29 Basic Financial Tools: A Review Chapter
30 Pension Plan Management
Chapter 31 Financial Management in Not-for-Profit Businesses Appendixes
Appendix A Values of the Areas under the Standard Normal Distribution Function
Appendix B Answers to End-of-Chapter Problems
Appendix C
Selected Equations
Index Web Extension
1-A—An Overview of Derivative Web Extension
1-B A Closer Look at the Stock Markets Web Extension
2-A—Continuous Probability Distributions Web Extension
2-B Estimating Beta with a Financial Calculator Web Extension
4-A—A Closer Look at Zero Coupon and other OID Bonds Web Extension
4-B A Closer Look at TIPS: Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Web Extension
4-C A Close Look at Bond Risk: Duration Web Extension
4-D The Pure Expectations Theory and Estimation of Forward Rates Web Extension
6-A—The Federal Income Tax System for Individuals Web Extension
8-A—Derivation of Valuation Equations Web Extension
11-A—The Required Return Assuming NonConstant Dividends and Stock Repurchases Web Extension
12-A—The Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) Web Extension
13-A—Certainty Equivalents and Risk-Adjusted Discount Rates Web Extension
14-A—The Abandonment Real Option Web Extension
14-B Risk-Neutral Valuation Web Extension
16-A—Degree of Leverage Web Extension
18-A—Rights Offerings Web Extension
19-A—Leasing Feedback Web Extension
19-B Percentage Cost Analysis Web Extension
19-C Leveraged Leases Web Extension
20-A—Calling Convertible Issues Web Extension
21-A—Secured Short-Term Financing Web Extension
25-A—Multiple Discriminant Analysis Web Extension
26-A—Projecting Consistent Debt and Interest Expenses Web Extension
28-A—The Tabular Approach Web Extension
28-B Derivation of Annuity Formulas Web Extension
28-C Continuous Compounding