Income Tax Fundamentals 2016 34E Whittenburg Gill EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Income Tax Fundamentals 2016 34th Edition
by Gerald E. Whittenburg (Author), Steven Gill (Author), Martha Altus-Buller (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Content

1. The Individual Income Tax Return.
2. Gross Income and Exclusions.
3. Business Income and Expenses, Part I.
4. Business Income and Expenses, Part II.
5. Itemized Deductions and Other Incentives.
6. Credits and Special Taxes.
7. Accounting Periods and Methods and Depreciation.
8. Capital Gains and Losses.
9. Withholding, Estimated Payments, and Payroll Taxes.
10. Partnership Taxation.
11. The Corporate Income Tax.
12. Tax Administration and Tax Planning.
Appendix A: Tax Rate Schedules and Tax Tables.
Appendix B: Earned Income Credit Table.
Appendix C: Withholding Tables.
Appendix D: Additional Comprehensive Tax Return Problems.
Appendix E: Solutions to Self-Study Problems. Glossary of Tax Terms. Index. List of Forms. List of Schedules.