Governing Texas / Edition 3 by Anthony Champagne EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Governing Texas / Edition 3 by Anthony Champagne EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Governing Texas 3e
Half Title
Title Page
Copyright Information
Contents in Brief
Features of the Third Edition
Revisions to the Third Edition
Resources for Assessment and a Dynamic Classroom Experience
About the Authors
1 • The Political Culture, People, and Economy of Texas
Texas Political Culture
The One-Party State Persists
Provincialism Is Declining
Business Dominance Continues
The Land
The Gulf Coastal Plains
The Interior Lowlands
The Great Plains
The Basin and Range Province
Economic Change in Texas
High-Tech Industries
NAFTA and the International Economy
The Military in Texas
The Great Recession and the “Texas Miracle””
The People of Texas
African Americans
Poverty and Wealth
WHO ARE TEXANS? How Is the Texas Population Changing?
The Urban Political Economy
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Does Texas’s Population Compare to Other Major States’?
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Immigration in Texas
Political Culture and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
2 • The Texas Constitution
The Role of a State Constitution
The Texas Constitutions: 1836–1876
The Texas Founding
The Constitution of the Republic of Texas, 1836
The Texas State Constitution of 1845
The Constitution of 1861: Texas Joins the Confederacy
The Constitution of 1866: Texas Rejoins the Union
The Reconstruction Constitution of 1869
The Constitution of 1876
The Constitution of Texas Today
The Preamble
Article 1: Bill of Rights
Article 2: The Powers of Government
Article 3: Legislative Department
Article 4: Executive Department
Article 5: Judicial Department
Article 6: Suffrage
Article 7: Education
Article 8: Taxation and Revenue
Articles 9 and 11: Local Government
Articles 10, 12, 13, and 14
Article 15: Impeachment
Article 16: General Provisions
Article 17: Amending the Constitution
Recent Attempts to Rewrite the Texas Constitution
Sharpstown and the Failed Constitutional Reforms of 1974
Recent Amendments
TEXAS AND THE NATION: Which State Has the Longest Constitution?
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Votes in Texas Elections Amending the Constitution?
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Proposition 2 and Same-Sex Marriage
The Constitution and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
3 • Texas in the Federal System
The Roots of American Federalism
The Constitutional Roots of Federalism
Federalism in Early America
Dual Federalism
Marble-Cake Federalism
TEXAS AND THE NATION: Federal Funds to Texas versus Other States
Coercive Federalism: Texas and the Federal Government
WHO ARE TEXANS? How Do Federal Funds Flow to Texas?
The States Respond
Major U.S. Constitutional and Statutory Restrictions on the States
The Equal Protection Clause
State Regulation of Voting
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Voting Rights and Redistricting
Flexibility for States under the Constitution
Texas and the Obama Administration
Federalism and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
4 • Political Parties
The Roles and Structure of Political Parties in Texas
Texas Parties in the National Context
Public Attitudes about Parties
The Contemporary Republican Party in Texas
The Contemporary Democratic Party in Texas
Democratic and Republican Party Organization
Third Parties in Texas
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Republican Is Texas?
The Tea Party Movement in Texas
Parties and the Media
Texas’s History as a One-Party State
The Era of Conservative Democrats
WHO ARE TEXANS? When Did Texas Become Republican?
The Growth of the Republican Party
The Disappearance of Conservative Democrats
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Should the Tea Party Movement Launch a Third Party?
Texas Party Politics Today
Party Unity and Disunity
Urban, Rural, and Suburban Influences on Partisanship
African Americans in Texas Political Parties
Latinos in Texas Political Parties
Political Parties and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
5 • Campaigns and Elections
Features of Elections in Texas
Primary Elections
General Election
Special Elections
Running as an Independent
Participation in Texas Elections
The Rules: Who Can Vote?
Redistricting: Where Do People Vote?
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Voter Identification Laws
Turnout: Who Votes?
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Votes in Texas Statewide Elections?
The Importance of the Republican Primary
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Did Texans Vote in 2016?
Candidates: Who Runs?
Outside Groups
Important Issues in Texas Campaigns
Campaigns, Elections, and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
6 • Interest Groups and Lobbying
Interest Groups in the Political Process
Resources and Strategies of Interest Groups
Interest Groups and Democratic Politics
Interest Groups and Policy Makers
Types of Interest Groups and Lobbyists
Getting Access to Policy Makers
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Should Former Legislators Be Lobbyists?
Who Represents Ordinary Texans?
Another Side to Lobbying
Getting Out the Vote
Defeating Opponents
WHO ARE TEXANS? Which Interest Groups Contribute the Most?
TEXAS AND THE NATION: Registered Lobbyists: How Does Texas Compare?
Interest-Group Capture
Individuals as Lobbyists
Interest Groups and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
7 • The Legislature
Structure of the Texas Legislature
Sessions of the Legislature
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Are the Members of the Texas Legislature?
Powers of the Legislature
Legislative Powers
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: A Full-Time or Part-Time Legislature?
Nonlegislative Powers
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Texas
Introduction in the House
Committee Action
Floor Action
Conference Committee
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Representative Is the Texas Legislature Compared with Other States?
The Governor
Additional Players in the Legislative Process
Power and Partisanship in the Legislature
Centralizing Power: Sources of the Leadership’s Power
Partisan Voting in the Texas Legislature
Power and Partisanship in the Redistricting Battle
The Legislature and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
8 • The Executive Branch
The Governor
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Much Power Does the Texas Governor Have?
Election and Term of Office
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Elected Governor Greg Abbott in 2014?
Removal of a Governor
Executive Powers of the Governor
Legislative Powers of the Governor
Judicial Powers of the Governor
The Plural Executive
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Commissioner of the General Land Office
Agriculture Commissioner
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Secretary of State
Accountability of the Plural Executive
The Plural Executive and the Governor
Boards, Commissions, and Regulatory Agencies
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: A Plural or Single Executive?
Multimember Appointed Boards
Appointed Single Executives
Multimember Elected Boards
Making Agencies Accountable
The Executive Branch and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
9 • The Judiciary
Court Structure
The Legal Process
Judicial Politics
Initial Appointment of Judges by the Governor
The Elections Become Highly Partisan
Issues Involving the Texas Judiciary and Proposed Reforms
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Elected or Appointed Judges?
TEXAS AND THE NATION: Comparing How Texas Selects Its Judges to the Rest of the Country
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Are Texas’s Judges?
Issues in the Texas Court System Today
Civil Cases and Tort Reform
The Regulation of the Legal Profession
Judicial Conduct
The Judiciary and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
10 • Local Government
County Government in Texas
What Are the Functions of County Government?
Numerous County Offices: Checks and Balances or Built-In Problems?
The Challenges of County Government
City Government in Texas
Forms of Government in Texas Cities
A Tale of Five Cities
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Houston’s “Bathroom Ordinance””
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Governs Texas’s Cities?
Special Districts
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Extensive Are Texas’s Local Governments?
Types of Special Districts
School Districts
Nonschool Special Districts
Problems with Special Districts
Councils of Government (COGs)
Financial Issues Facing Local Government
Capital Appreciation Bonds
Local Government Pensions
Local Government and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
11 • Public Finance
What Is the Budget?
Spending and Revenue in Texas
Trends in State Spending
Revenue in Texas
TEXAS AND THE NATION: Who Pays the Highest State Taxes?
The Question of the Income Tax in Texas
Other State Revenue
State Funds
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Pays the Most State Taxes in Texas?
The Texas Constitution and the Budget
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: What to Do with a Budget Surplus
The Budgetary Process
Budget Crises in Twenty-First-Century Texas
Looking Beyond the Budget Crisis of 2011
Public Finance and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
12 • Public Policy
The Policy-Making Process
Rationality in Policy Making
Education Policy
The Roots of Education Policy in Texas
Equity in the Public School System
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Attends Public School in Texas?
Educational Excellence and Accountability in Texas
Education Policy in a New Era
Welfare Policy
Poverty in Texas
Welfare in Texas, 1935–96
The Idea of Dependency and Welfare Reform in the 1990s
Evaluating Welfare Reforms
Medicaid and Health Care Policy
Broader Health Care Issues in Texas
The Affordable Care Act
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Abortion Policy in Texas
TEXAS AND THE NATION: What Are the Trade-Offs in Texas Public Policy?
Water Policy
Water Law in Texas
Planning Authorities and Water Policy
Public Policy and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
13 • Crime and Corrections Policy
Categorizing Crime in Texas
Felonies and Misdemeanors
Punishing Crime
The Criminal Justice Process
Arraignment and Posting Bail
Grand Jury Indictment
Pretrial Hearings
Trial and Sentencing
Does the Criminal Justice System Create Criminals?
Crime and Texas District Attorneys
Crime and Criminal Defense
Crime, Corrections, and the Texas Prison System
History of the Prison System
WHO ARE TEXANS? Who Is in Prison in Texas?
The Prison System Today
TEXAS AND THE NATION: How Does Criminal Justice in Texas Compare to Other States?
The Death Penalty
YOU DECIDE: VOICES OF TEXAS: Cite and Release: Necessary Cost-Savings or Soft on Crime?
Self-Defense and Concealed / Open Carry of Handguns
The Integrity of the Texas Criminal Justice System
How Fair Is the Criminal Justice System?
The Politics of Criminal Justice Reform
Criminal Justice and the Future of Texas
Study Guide
Answer Key
Glossary / Index