Essentials of Business Analytics 2nd Edition by Camm EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Essentials of Business Analytics 2nd Edition by Jeffrey D. Camm (Author), James J. Cochran (Author), Michael J. Fry (Author), Jeffrey W. Ohlmann (Author), David R. Anderson (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of content
1. Introduction
2. Descriptive Statistics.
3. Data Visualization.
4. Descriptive Data Mining.
5. Probability: An Introduction to Modeling Uncertainty.
6. Statistical Inference.
7. Linear Regression.
8. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.
9. Predictive Data Mining.
10. Spreadsheet Models.
11. Linear Optimization Models.
12. Integer Linear Optimization Models.
13. Nonlinear Optimization Models.
14. Monte Carlo Simulation.
15. Decision Analysis.
Appendix A: Basics of Excel.
Appendix B: Database Basics with Microsoft Access.
Appendix C: Solutions to Even-Numbered Questions (online).