SELL 5th Edition by Ingram LaForge Avila Schwepker and Williams EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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SELL 5th Edition by Thomas N. Ingram (Author), Raymond (Buddy) W. LaForge (Author), Ramon A. Avila (Author), Charles H. Schwepker (Author), Michael R. Williams (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents:

1 Overiview of Personal Selling

Part 1 The World of Marketing

2 Building Trust and Sales Ethics
3 Understanding Buyers
4 Communication Skills

Part 2

Analyzing marketing opportunities

5 Strategic Prospecting and Preparing for Sales Dialogue
6 Planning Sales Dialogues and Presentations
Part 3 Product Decisions
7 Sales Dialogue: Creating and Communicating Value

8 Addressing Concerns and Earning Commitment

Part 4 Distribution Decisions
9 Expanding Customer Relationships
10 Adding Value: Self-Leadership and Teamwork