Operations Management 11e / Edition 11by William Stevenson EBOOK PDF Instant Download



Operations Management 11e / Edition 11 by William Stevenson EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Operations Management
2. Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity
3. Forecasting
4. Product and Service Design
Supplement: Reliability
5. Strategic Capacity Planning for Products and Services
Supplement: Decision Theory
6. Process Selection and Facility Layout
7. Work Design and Measurement
Supplement: Learning Curves
8. Location Planning and Analysis
Supplement: The Transportation Model
9. Management of Quality
10. Quality Control
Supplement: Acceptance Sampling
11. Aggregate Planning and Master Scheduling
12. MRP and ERP
13. Inventory Management
14. JIT and Lean Operations
Supplement: Maintenance
15. Supply Chain Management
16. Scheduling
17. Project Management
18. Management of Waiting Lines
19. Linear Programming

Appendix A Answers to Selected Problems
Appendix B Tables
Appendix C Working with the Normal Distribution (New)