Moral Issues in Business Edition 13 by William H. Shaw EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Moral Issues in Business Edition 13 by William H. Shaw EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Ch 1: The Nature of Morality
Learning Objectives
Moral versus Nonmoral Standards
Religion and Morality
Ethical Relativism
Having Moral Principles
Morality and Personal Values
Individual Integrity and Responsibility
Moral Reasoning
Study Corner
Case 1.1: Made in the U.S.A.-Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq . . .
Case 1.2: Just Drop off the Key, Lee
Case 1.3: The A7D Affair
Reading 1.1: It’s Good Business
Reading 1.2: Moral Responsibility in the Age of Bureaucracy
Ch 2: Normative Theories of Ethics
Learning Objectives
Consequentialist and Nonconsequentialist Theories
Kant’s Ethics
Other Nonconsequentialist Perspectives
Utilitarianism Once More
Moral Decision Making: A Practical Approach
Study Corner
Case 2.1: Hacking into Harvard
Case 2.2: The Ford Pinto
Case 2.3: Blood for Sale
Reading 2.1: One Philosopher’s Approach to Business Ethics
Reading 2.2: When is “Everybody’s Doing It” a Moral Justification?
Ch 3: Justice and Economic Distribution
Learning Objectives
The Nature of Justice
The Utilitarian View
The Libertarian Approach
Rawls’s Theory of Justice
Study Corner
Case 3.1: Eminent Domain
Case 3.2: Battling over Bottled Water
Case 3.3: Poverty in America
Reading 3.1: Income Distribution
Reading 3.2: Is Inheritance Justified?
Ch 4: The Nature of Capitalism
Learning Objectives
Key Features of Capitalism
Two Arguments for Capitalism
Criticisms of Capitalism
Today’s Economic Challenges
Study Corner
Case 4.1: Catastrophe in Bangladesh
Case 4.2: Licensing and Laissez Faire
Case 4.3: One Nation under Walmart
Case 4.4: A New Work Ethic?
Case 4.5: Casino Gambling on Wall Street
Case 4.6: Paying College Athletes
Reading 4.1: Globalization and Its Discontents
Reading 4.2: The Ethics of Corporate Downsizing
Reading 4.3: Buddhist Economics
Ch 5: Corporations
Learning Objectives
The Limited-Liability Company
Corporate Moral Agency
Rival Views of Corporate Responsibility
Debating Corporate Responsibility
Institutionalizing Ethics within Corporations
Study Corner
Case 5.1: Yahoo in China
Case 5.2: Drug Dilemmas
Case 5.3: Free Speech or False Advertising?
Case 5.4: Corporations and Religious Faith
Case 5.5: Charity to Scouts?
Case 5.6: Corporate Taxation
Reading 5.1: The Toxic Side Effects of Shareholder Primacy
Reading 5.2: A Debate on the Social Responsibility of Business
Reading 5.3: Business Ethics: On Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Reading 5.4: Ethical Dilemmas for Multinational Enterprise: A Philosophical Overview
Ch 6: Consumers
Learning Objectives
Product Safety
Other Areas of Business Responsibility
Deception and Unfairness in Advertising
The Debate over Advertising
Study Corner
Case 6.1: Breast Implants
Case 6.2: Hot Coffee at McDonald’s
Case 6.3: Sniffing Glue Could Snuff Profits
Case 6.4: Closing the Deal
Case 6.5: The Rise and Fall of Four Loko
Reading 6.1: The Ethics of Sales
Reading 6.2: The Inconclusive Ethical Case against Manipulative Advertising
Reading 6.3: Why Do We Consume So Much?
Ch 7: The Environment
Learning Objectives
Business and Ecology
The Ethics of Environmental Protection
Achieving Our Environmental Goals
Delving Deeper into Environmental Ethics
Study Corner
Case 7.1: Hazardous Homes in Herculaneum
Case 7.2: Poverty and Pollution
Case 7.3: The Fordasaurus
Case 7.4: The Fight over the Redwoods
Case 7.5: Palm Oil and Its Problems
Reading 7.1: The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues
Reading 7.2: Business and Environmental Ethics
Ch 8: The Workplace (1): Basic Issues
Learning Objectives
Civil Liberties in the Workplace
Discipline and Discharge
Labor Unions
Study Corner
Case 8.1: AIDS in the Workplace
Case 8.2: Web Porn at Work
Case 8.3: Speaking out about Malt
Case 8.4: Have Gun, Will Travel . . . to Work
Case 8.5: Union Discrimination
Reading 8.1: Employment at Will and Due Process
Reading 8.2: The Libertarian Critique of Labor Unions
Reading 8.3: The Meaning and Value of Work
Ch 9: The Workplace (2): Today’s Challenges
Learning Objectives
Organizational Influence in Private Lives
Testing and Monitoring
Working Conditions
Redesigning Work
Study Corner
Case 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct?
Case 9.2: Testing for Honesty
Case 9.3: She Snoops to Conquer
Case 9.4: Protecting the Unborn at Work
Case 9.5: Swedish Daddies
Reading 9.1: Drug Testing in Employment
Reading 9.2: Work, Privacy, and Autonomy
Reading 9.3: Workplace Wars: How Much Should I Be Required to Meet the Needs of Your Children?
Reading 9.4: Participation in Employment
Ch 10: Moral Choices Facing Employees
Learning Objectives
Obligations to the Firm
Abuse of Official Position
Bribes and Kickbacks
Gifts and Entertainment
Conflicting Obligations
Self-Interest and Moral Obligation
Study Corner
Case 10.1: Changing Jobs and Changing Loyalties
Case 10.2: Conflicting Perspectives on Conflicts of Interest
Case 10.3: Inside Traders or Astute Observers?
Case 10.4: The Housing Allowance
Case 10.5: Ethically Dubious Conduct
Reading 10.1: Does It Make Sense to Be a Loyal Employee?
Reading 10.2: Analyzing Insider Trading from the Perspectives of Utilitarianism and Rights Theory
Reading 10.3: Foreign Corrupt Practices: How to Deal with Foreign Forms of Bribery
Reading 10.4: Some Paradoxes of Whistleblowing
Ch 11: Job Discrimination
Learning Objectives
The Meaning of Job Discrimination
Evidence of Discrimination
Affirmative Action: The Legal Context
Affirmative Action: The Moral Issues
Comparable Worth
Sexual Harassment
Study Corner
Case 11.1: Minority Set-Asides
Case 11.2: Hoop Dreams
Case 11.3: Raising the Ante
Case 11.4: Consenting to Sexual Harassment
Case 11.5: Facial Discrimination
Reading 11.1: A Defense of Programs of Preferential Treatment
Reading 11.2: Rethinking Sexual Harassment
Reading 11.3: Job Discrimination and Gay Rights
Suggestions for Further Reading