Mind on Statistics Edition 5by Jessica M. Utts EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Mind on Statistics Edition 5 by Jessica M. Utts EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

1. Statistics Success Stories and Cautionary Tales.
2. Turning Data into Information.
3. Relationships between Quantitative Variables.
4. Relationships between Categorical Variables.
5. Sampling: Surveys and How to Ask Questions.
6. Gathering Useful Data for Examining Relationships.
7. Probability.
8. Random Variables.
9. Understanding Sampling Distributions: Statistics as Random Variables.
10. Estimating Proportions with Confidence.
11. Estimating Means with Confidence.
12. Testing Hypotheses about Proportions.
13. Testing Hypotheses about Means.
14. Inference about Simple Regression.
15. More about Inference for Categorical Variables.
16. Analysis of Variance.
17. Turning Information into Wisdom.