Managerial Accounting Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment 11e Hilton EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment 11th Edition
by Ronald Hilton (Author), David Platt (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Content
• Chapter 1 The Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment 2
• Chapter 2 Basic Cost Management Concepts and Accounting for Mass Customization Operations
• Chapter 3 Product Costing and Cost Accumulation in a Batch Production Environment
• Chapter 3 Appendix Activity-Based Costing: An Introduction
• Chapter 4 Process Costing and Hybrid Product-Costing Systems
• Chapter 5 Activity-Based Costing and Management
• Chapter 5 Appendix Just-in-Time Inventory and Production Management
• Chapter 6 Activity Analysis, Cost Behavior, and Cost Estimation
• Chapter 6 Appendix Least-Squares Regression Using Microsoft Excel
• Chapter 7 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
• Chapter 7 Appendix Effect of Income Taxes
• Chapter 8 Absorption and Variable Costing
• Chapter 9 Profit Planning and Activity-Based Budgeting
• Chapter 10 Standard Costing, Operational Performance Measures and the Balanced Scorecard
• Chapter 10 Appendix Use of Standard Costs for Product Costing
• Chapter 11 Flexible Budgeting and the Management of Overhead and Support Activity Costs
• Chapter 11 Appendix A Standard Costs and Product Costing
• Chapter 11 Appendix B Sales Variances
• Chapter 12 Responsibility Accounting, Quality Control and Environmental Cost Management
• Chapter 13 Investment Centers and Transfer Pricing
• Chapter 14 Decision Making: Relevant Costs and Benefits
• Chapter 14 Appendix Linear Programming
• Chapter 15 Target Costing and Cost Analysis for Pricing Decisions
• Chapter 16 Capital Expenditure Decisions
• Chapter 16 Appendix A Future Value and Present Value Tables
• Chapter 16 Appendix B Impact of Inflation
• Chapter 17 Allocation of Support Activity Costs and Joint Costs
• Chapter 17 Appendix Reciprocal-Services Method
• Appendix I The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Internal Controls, and Management Accounting
• Appendix II Compound Interest and the Concept of Present Value
• Appendix III Inventory Management