Managerial Accounting by John Wild Edition 5 EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Managerial Accounting by John Wild Edition 5 EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Title Page
Copyright Page
About the Authors
Brief Contents
1 Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles
Managerial Accounting Basics
Purpose of Managerial Accounting
Nature of Managerial Accounting
Managerial Decision Making
Fraud and Ethics in Managerial Accounting
Managerial Cost Concepts
Types of Cost Classifications
Identification of Cost Classifications
Cost Concepts for Service Companies
Manufacturers’ Costs
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Flow of Manufacturing Activities
Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured
Trends in Managerial Accounting
Global View
Decision Analysis-Raw Materials Inventory Turnover and Days’ Sales of Raw Materials Inventory
2 Job Order Costing and Analysis
Job Order Costing
Cost Accounting System
Job Order Production
Comparing Job Order and Process Operations
Production Activities in Job Order Costing
Cost Flows
Job Cost Sheet
Job Order Cost Flows and Reports
Materials Cost Flows and Documents
Labor Cost Flows and Documents
Overhead Cost Flows and Recording Applied Overhead
Recording Actual Overhead
Summary of Cost Flows
Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured
Adjusting Factory Overhead
Factory Overhead T-Account
Underapplied or Overapplied Overhead
Job Order Costing of Services
Global View
Decision Analysis-Pricing for Services
3 Process Costing and Analysis
Process Operations
Organization of Process Operations
Comparing Process and Job Order Costing Systems
Equivalent Units of Production
Process Costing Illustration
Overview of GenX Company’s Process Operation
Step 1: Determine Physical Flow of Units
Step 2: Compute Equivalent Units of Production
Step 3: Compute Cost per Equivalent Unit
Step 4: Assign and Reconcile Costs
Process Cost Summary
Accounting and Reporting for Process Costing
Accounting for Materials Costs
Accounting for Labor Costs
Accounting for Factory Overhead
Accounting for Transfers
Trends in Process Operations
Global View
Decision Analysis-Hybrid Costing System
Appendix 3A-FIFO Method of Process Costing
4 Activity-Based Costing and Analysis
Assigning Overhead Costs
Alternative Methods of Overhead Allocation
Plantwide Overhead Rate Method
Departmental Overhead Rate Method
Assessing the Plantwide and Departmental Overhead Rate Methods
Activity-Based Costing Rates and Method
Applying Activity-Based Costing
Step 1: Identify Activities and the Costs They Cause
Step 2: Trace Overhead Costs to Activity Cost Pools
Step 3: Determine Activity Rates
Step 4: Assign Overhead Costs to Cost Objects
Assessing Activity-Based Costing
Advantages of Activity-Based Costing
Disadvantages of Activity-Based Costing
ABC for Service Providers
Types of Activities
Global View
Decision Analysis-Customer Profitability
5 Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Identifying Cost Behavior
Fixed Costs
Variable Costs
Mixed Costs
Step-wise Costs and the Relevant Range
Curvilinear Costs
Measuring Cost Behavior
Scatter Diagrams
High-Low Method
Least-Squares Regression
Comparison of Cost Estimation Methods
Contribution Margin and Break-Even Analysis
Contribution Margin and Its Measures
Computing the Break-Even Point
Computing the Margin of Safety
Preparing a Cost-Volume-Profit Chart
Working with Changes in Estimates
Applying Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Computing Income from Sales and Costs
Computing Sales for a Target Income
Using Sensitivity Analysis
Computing a Multiproduct Break-Even Point
Making Assumptions in Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Global View
Decision Analysis-Degree of Operating Leverage
Appendix 5A Using Excel to Estimate Least-Squares Regression
Appendix 5B Variable Costing and Performance Reporting
6 Variable Costing and Analysis
Introducing Variable Costing and Absorption Costing
Computing Unit Cost
Income Reporting Implications
Units Produced Equal Units Sold
Units Produced Exceed Units Sold
Units Produced Are Less Than Units Sold
Summarizing Income Reporting
Converting Income under Variable Costing to Absorption Costing
Comparing Variable Costing and Absorption Costing
Planning Production
Setting Prices
Controlling Costs
CVP Analysis
Limitations of Reports Using Variable Costing
Variable Costing for Service Firms
Global View
Decision Analysis-Pricing Special Orders
7 Master Budgets and Performance Planning
Budget Process and Administration
Budgeting as a Management Tool
Benefits of Budgeting
Budgeting and Human Behavior
Budget Reporting and Timing
Budget Committee
The Master Budget
Master Budget Components
Operating Budgets
Cash Budget
Budgeted Financial Statements
Budgeted Income Statement
Budgeted Balance Sheet
Using the Master Budget
Global View
Decision Analysis-Activity-Based Budgeting
Appendix 7A Merchandise Purchases Budget
8 Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs
Fixed Budget Reports
Fixed Budget Performance Report
Budget Reports for Evaluation
Flexible Budget Reports
Purpose of Flexible Budgets
Preparation of Flexible Budgets
Flexible Budget Performance Report
Materials and Labor Standards
Identifying Standard Costs
Setting Standard Costs
Cost Variance Analysis
Cost Variance Computation
Computing Materials and Labor Variances
Overhead Standards and Variances
Flexible Overhead Budgets
Setting Overhead Standards
Computing Overhead Cost Variances
Global View
Decision Analysis-Sales Variances
Appendix 8A Expanded Overhead Variances and Standard Cost Accounting System
9 Performance Measurement and Responsibility Accounting
Advantages of Decentralization
Disadvantages of Decentralization
Performance Evaluation
Responsibility Accounting
Controllable versus Uncontrollable Costs
Responsibility Accounting System
Responsibility Accounting Report
Profit Centers
Direct and Indirect Expenses
Allocation of Indirect Expenses
Departmental Income Statements
Departmental Contribution to Overhead
Evaluating Investment Center Performance
Financial Performance Evaluation Measures
Nonfinancial Performance Evaluation Measures
Global View
Decision Analysis-Cycle Time and Cycle Efficiency
Appendix 9A Transfer Pricing
Appendix 9B Joint Costs and Their Allocation
10 Relevant Costing for Managerial Decisions
Decisions and Information
Decision Making
Relevant Costs and Benefits
Managerial Decision Scenarios
Additional Business
Make or Buy
Scrap or Rework
Sell or Process Further
Sales Mix Selection When Resources Are Constrained
Segment Elimination
Keep or Replace Equipment
Global View
Decision Analysis-Setting Product Price
11 Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis
Methods Not Using Time Value of Money
Payback Period
Accounting Rate of Return
Methods Using Time Value of Money
Net Present Value
Internal Rate of Return
Comparison of Capital Budgeting Methods
Global View
Decision Analysis-Break-Even Time
Appendix 11A Using Excel to Compute Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
12 Reporting Cash Flows
Basics of Cash Flow Reporting
Purpose of the Statement of Cash Flows
Importance of Cash Flows
Measurement of Cash Flows
Classification of Cash Flows
Noncash Investing and Financing
Format of the Statement of Cash Flows
Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows
Cash Flows from Operating
Indirect and Direct Methods of Reporting
Applying the Indirect Method of Reporting
Summary Adjustments for Operating Activities-Indirect Method
Cash Flows from Investing
Three-Stage Process of Analysis
Analyzing Noncurrent Assets
Analyzing Additional Assets
Cash Flows from Financing
Three-Stage Process of Analysis
Analyzing Noncurrent Liabilities
Analyzing Equity
Proving Cash Balances
Overall Summary Using T-Accounts
Global View
Decision Analysis-Cash Flow Analysis
Appendix 12A Spreadsheet Preparation of the Statement of Cash Flows
Appendix 12B Direct Method of Reporting Operating Cash Flows
13 Analysis of Financial Statements
Basics of Analysis
Purpose of Analysis
Building Blocks of Analysis
Information for Analysis
Standards for Comparisons
Tools of Analysis
Horizontal Analysis
Comparative Statements
Trend Analysis
Vertical Analysis
Common-Size Statements
Common-Size Graphics
Ratio Analysis
Liquidity and Efficiency
Market Prospects
Summary of Ratios
Global View
Decision Analysis-Analysis Reporting
Appendix 13A Sustainable Income
Appendix A Financial Statement Information
Appendix B Time Value of Money
Chart of Accounts