Management Cost Accounting 6th Edition by Bhimani EBOOK PDF Instant Download



Management & Cost Accounting 6th Edition by Alnoor Bhimani (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Guided tour
Guide to the case studies
Publisher’s acknowledgements

PART I Management and cost accounting fundamentals
1 The accountant’s role in the organisation
2 An introduction to cost terms and purposes
3 Job-costing systems
4 Process-costing systems
5 Cost allocation
6 Cost allocation: joint-cost situations
7 Income effects of alternative stock-costing methods
Part I Case study problems
PART II Accounting information for decision making
8 Cost–volume–profit relationships
9 Determining how costs behave
10 Relevant information for decision making
11 Activity-based costing
12 Pricing, target costing and customer profitability analysis
13 Capital investment decisions
Part II Case study problems
PART III Planning and budgetary control systems
14 Motivation, budgets and responsibility accounting
15 Flexible budgets, variances and management control: I
16 Flexible budgets, variances and management control: II
17 Measuring yield, mix and quantity effects
Part III Case study problems
PART IV Management control systems and performance issues
18 Control systems and transfer pricing
19 Control systems and performance measurement
Part IV Case study problems
PART V Quality, time and the strategic management of costs
20 Quality and throughput concerns in managing costs
21 Accounting for just-in-time systems
22 Strategic management accounting and emerging issues
Part V Case study problems
Appendix A: Solutions to selected exercises
Appendix B: Notes on compound interest and interest tables
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Subject index