Law and Ethics in the Business Environment / Edition 8by Terry Halbert EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Law and Ethics in the Business Environment / Edition 8 by Terry Halbert EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Law, Ethics and Business: An Introduction
A Duty to Rescue?
Law, Ethics, Promises
Making an Ethical Decision
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
The Duty of Loyalty: Whistleblowing
Voicing Dissent
The Question of Loyalty
Public Employees and Freedom of Speech
Communications Within the Corporation
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Privacy & Technology: Electronic Monitoring
Workplace Surveillance
The Value of Privacy
Industry Response to Privacy Issues
Lifestyle Control
Soroka v. Dayton Hudson Corp. (California, 1991)
Consumer Privacy
Privacy in Medical Information
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Valuing Diversity: Affirmative Action & Sexual Harassment
Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment
Families and Work
Reasonable Accommodation of Disabled Workers
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Government Regulation: Workplace Safety
Workers’ Compensation
Risk in the Workplace
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Corporate Criminal Liability
Safety Concerns in the Global Economy
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Justice and a Sustainable Economy: Environmental Protection
Environmental Equity
Environmental Protection: The Legal Context
Biodiversity vs. Property Rights
Environmental Philosophy
Common Law Approach
Private Property, Environmental Regulation, and the Constitution
Global Issues
International Environmental Law: Boundaries, Landmarks, and Realities, Lakshman Guruswamy
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Marketing and Information: Advertising
Commercial Speech
Advertising and Economics
Federal Regulation
Market Manipulation
Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising
Global Issues: Marketing on the Internet
Marketing in Kidspace
The Branding of Culture
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Risk Allocation: Products Liability
Unsafe Products
The Debate Over Tort Reform
The Uniform Commercial Code
Government Regulation of Product Safety
Consumer Demand for Dangerous Products
Manufacturer Liability for Consumer Uses
Enterprise Liability
Global Perspective
Communication, Marketing, and Product Safety
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Ownership and Creativity: Intellectual Property
Copyright Law
Beyond Copyright Law: Patent Law, Trade Secret, and Misappropriation
Global Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Chapter Problems
Chapter Project
Stakeholder Ethics Role-play
Mock Trial Materials
An Introduction to Legal Research
Evaluating Information from the Internet