Introduction to Operations Management : The Joy of Operations by Ajay Das EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Introduction to Operations Management : The Joy of Operations by Ajay Das EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Preface: How will this book help you? Introduction
1. Operations Management and You
1.1 What, exactly, is Operations?
1.2 Why is Operations management important?
1.3 How is it done?
1.4 Was it done right?
1.5 Current trends in operations management
1.6 How to read the book
Part I: Designing Products and Processes
2. Product Design
2.1 What is product design?
2.2 Why is it important?
2.3 How is it done?
2.4 Have we done a good job?
2.5 Current trends in design
2.6 Conclusion
3. Process and Service Design
3.1 What is process design?
3.2 What is service design?
3.3 How is it done?
3.4 Trends in Process and Service Design
3.5 Conclusion
Part II: Managing Processes
4. Managing Processes
4.1 What is process management?
4.2 Why is process management important?
4.3 How are processes managed?
4.4 Was it done right?
4.5 Current trends in managing processes
4.6 Conclusion
Part III: Improving Process Performance
5.1 What is business forecasting?
5.2 Why is forecasting important?
5.3 How to make forecasting decisions?
5.4 Was it done right?
5.5 Current trends in forecasting
5.6 Conclusion
6. Capacity Planning
6.1 What is capacity planning?
6.2 Why is capacity planning important?
6.3 How is capacity planning done?
6.4 Was it done right?
6.5 Current trends in capacity planning
6.6 In Conclusion
7. Managing Capacity
7.1 What is capacity management?
7.2 Why is capacity management important?
7.3 How is capacity managed?
7.4 Was it done right?
7.5 Current trends in capacity planning
7.6 Conclusion
8. Managing Inventory
8.1 What is inventory management?
8.2 Why is managing inventory important?
8.3 How can we manage inventory?
8.4 Was it done right?
8.5 Current trends in managing inventory
8.6 In Conclusion Appendix: Managing Inventory
9. Managing Quality
9.1 What is quality?
9.2 Why is it important?
9.3 How is it done?
9.4 Was it done right?
9.5 Current trends in quality management
9.6 In Conclusion
10. Supply Chain Design
10.1 What is supply chain design?
10.2 Why is it important?
10.3 How is it designed?
10.4 Was it done right?
10.5 Current trends in supply chain design
10.6 Conclusion 11. Managing Supply Chains
11.1 What is supply chain management?
11.2 Why is it important?
11.3 How is it done?
11.4 Was it done right?
11.5 Current Trends in supply chain management
11.6 In Conclusion Part IV: Finding the Right Location
12. Managing Location Decisions
12.1 What is location?
12.2 Why is location important?
12.3 How to make location decisions?
12.4 Was it done right?
12.5 Current trends in location
12.6 Conclusion
Part VI: Working with Projects
13. Managing Projects
13.1 What is project management?
13.2 Why is it important?
13.3 How is it done?
13.4 Was it done right?
13.5 Current trends in project management
13.6 In Conclusion