Introduction to Health Care by Dakota Mitchell EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Introduction to Health Care by Dakota Mitchell EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About this Book
Unit 1: Health Care Today
Ch 1: Your Career in Health Care
Ch 1: Objectives
Ch 1: Key Terms
Your Future in Health Care
Standards for Health Care Professionals
Occupational Profiles
Getting Off to a Good Start
Ch 1: Workbook Practice
Ch 1: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 1: Web Activities
Ch 1: Review Questions
Ch 1: Application Exercises
Ch 1: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 1: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 2: Current Health Care Systems and Trends
Ch 2: Objectives
Ch 2: Key Terms
The Health Care Industry Today
Health Care Facilities and Services
Trends in Health Care
Challenges in Health Care Today
Implications for Health Care Professionals
Ch 2: Workbook Practice
Ch 2: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 2: Web Activities
Ch 2: Review Questions
Ch 2: Application Exercises
Ch 2: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 2: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 3: Ethical and Legal Responsibilities
Ch 3: Objectives
Ch 3: Key Terms
The Purpose of Ethics
Ethics and the Law
Ethics and Health Care
Guiding Principles of Health Care Ethics
Handling Ethical Dilemmas
Who Decides?
Ch 3: Workbook Practice
Ch 3: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 3: Web Activities
Ch 3: Review Questions
Ch 3: Application Exercises
Ch 3: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 3: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 2: The Language of Health Care
Ch 4: Medical Terminology
Ch 4: Objectives
Ch 4: Key Terms
Importance of Medical Terminology
The Building Blocks of Medical Language
Deciphering Medical Terms
Spelling and Pronunciation
Medical Abbreviations and Symbols
Medical Dictionary
Mastering Medical Terminology
Ch 4: Workbook Practice
Ch 4: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 4: Web Activities
Ch 4: Review Questions
Ch 4: Application Exercises
Ch 4: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 4: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 5: Medical Math
Ch 5: Objectives
Ch 5: Key Terms
Importance of Math in Health Care
Math Anxiety
Basic Calculations
Military Time
Roman Numerals
Systems of Measurement
Medication Safety
Temperature Conversion
Ch 5: Workbook Practice
Ch 5: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 5: Web Activities
Ch 5: Review Questions
Ch 5: Application Exercises
Ch 5: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 5: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 3: The Human Body
Ch 6: Organization of the Human Body
Ch 6: Objectives
Ch 6: Key Terms
The Basis of Life
Describing the Body
Ch 6: Workbook Practice
Ch 6: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 6: Web Activities
Ch 6: Review Questions
Ch 6: Application Exercises
Ch 6: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 6: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 7: Structure and Function of the Human Body
Ch 7: Objectives
Ch 7: Key Terms
The Importance of Anatomy and Physiology
The Systems of the Body
Ch 7: Workbook Practice
Ch 7: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 7: Web Activities
Ch 7: Review Questions
Ch 7: Application Exercises
Ch 7: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 7: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 8: Growth and Development
Ch 8: Objectives
Ch 8: Key Terms
Knowing Your Patient
Life Stages
Care Considerations
Other Developmental Theories
Future Trends
Death and Dying
Ch 8: Workbook Practice
Ch 8: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 8: Web Activities
Ch 8: Review Questions
Ch 8: Application Exercises
Ch 8: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 8: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 4: Personal and Workplace Safety
Ch 9: Body Mechanics
Ch 9: Objectives
Ch 9: Key Terms
The Importance of Prevention
General Guidelines
Computers and Ergonomics
Ch 9: Workbook Practice
Ch 9: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 9: Web Activities
Ch 9: Review Questions
Ch 9: Application Exercises
Ch 9: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 9: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 10: Infection Control
Ch 10: Objectives
Ch 10: Key Terms
Importance of Infection Control in Health Care
Prevention Through Asepsis
The Risks
Reporting Accidental Exposure
Ch 10: Workbook Practice
Ch 10: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 10: Web Activities
Ch 10: Review Questions
Ch 10: Application Exercises
Ch 10: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 10: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 11: Environmental Safety
Ch 11: Objectives
Ch 11: Key Terms
Importance of Environmental Safety in Health Care
General Safety Guidelines
Workplace Violence
Fire and Electrical Hazards
Chemical Hazards
Radiation Hazards
Infectious Waste
Oxygen Hazards
Emergency Code System
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Ch 11: Workbook Practice
Ch 11: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 11: Web Activities
Ch 11: Review Questions
Ch 11: Application Exercises
Ch 11: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 11: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 5: Behaviors for Success
Ch 12: Lifestyle Management
Ch 12: Objectives
Ch 12: Key Terms
Ch 12: Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle
Diet and Nutrition
Physical Activity
Preventive Measures
Stress in Modern Life
Minimizing Health Risks
Helping Patients Develop Healthy Lifestyles
Ch 12: Workbook Practice
Ch 12: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 12: Web Activities
Ch 12: Review Questions
Ch 12: Application Exercises
Ch 12: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 12: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 13: Professionalism
Ch 13: Objectives
Ch 13: Key Terms
The Meaning of Professionalism
Professional Organizations
Professional Leadership
Ch 13: Workbook Practice
Ch 13: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 13: Web Activities
Ch 13: Review Questions
Ch 13: Application Exercises
Ch 13: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 13: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 14: Lifelong Learning
Ch 14: Objectives
Ch 14: Key Terms
Importance of Lifelong Learning
Continuing Education Units
Self-Directed Learning
Ch 14: Workbook Practice
Ch 14: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 14: Web Activities
Ch 14: Review Questions
Ch 14: Application Exercises
Ch 14: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 14: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 6: Communication in the Health Care Setting
Ch 15: The Patient as an Individual
Ch 15: Objectives
Ch 15: Key Terms
Patients as Individuals
The Meaning of Culture
Health Care Beliefs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs
Patient Needs
Defense Mechanisms
Dealing with Loss
Determining Individual Needs
Ch 15: Workbook Practice
Ch 15: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 15: Web Activities
Ch 15: Review Questions
Ch 15: Application Exercises
Ch 15: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 15: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 16: The Communication Process
Ch 16: Objectives
Ch 16: Key Terms
Importance of Communication in Health Care
The Communication Process
Overcoming Communication Barriers
Special Applications of Communication Skills
Ch 16: Workbook Practice
Ch 16: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 16: Web Activities
Ch 16: Review Questions
Ch 16: Application Exercises
Ch 16: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 16: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 17: Written Communication
Ch 17: Objectives
Ch 17: Key Terms
Written Communication: A Vital Link in Health Care
The Components of Good Writing
Business Letters
Meeting Agendas
Minutes of Meetings
Patient Education Materials
Confidentiality of Written Materials
Proofreading Written Work
Ch 17: Workbook Practice
Ch 17: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 17: Web Activities
Ch 17: Review Questions
Ch 17: Application Exercises
Ch 17: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 17: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 18: Computers and Technology in Health Care
Ch 18: Objectives
Ch 18: Key Terms
Computers in Health Care
Computer Basics
Using Computers Effectively
Computer Security
Maintaining the Human Touch
Learning More about Computers
Ch 18: Workbook Practice
Ch 18: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 18: Web Activities
Ch 18: Review Questions
Ch 18: Application Exercises
Ch 18: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 18: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 19: Documentation and Medical Records
Ch 19: Objectives
Ch 19: Key Terms
Medical Documentation
Contents of the Medical Record
Electronic Health Records
Personal Health Record
Ch 19: Workbook Practice
Ch 19: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 19: Web Activities
Ch 19: Review Questions
Ch 19: Application Exercises
Ch 19: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 19: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 7: Health Care Skills
Ch 20: Physical Assessment
Ch 20: Objectives
Ch 20: Key Terms
General Assessment
Vital Signs
Height and Weight
Ch 20: Workbook Practice
Ch 20: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 20: Web Activities
Ch 20: Review Questions
Ch 20: Application Exercises
Ch 20: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 20: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 21: Emergency Procedures
Ch 21: Objectives
Ch 21: Key Terms
Emergency Situations
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
First Aid Procedures
Ch 21: Workbook Practice
Ch 21: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 21: Web Activities
Ch 21: Review Questions
Ch 21: Application Exercises
Ch 21: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 21: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 8: Business of Caring
Ch 22: Controlling Health Care Costs
Ch 22: Objectives
Ch 22: Key Terms
The Rising Costs of Health Care
Health Care Institutions
History of Health Care Reimbursement
Health Care Payment Methods
Government Programs
Managed Care
National Health Care Coverage
Controlling Organizational Costs
Health Care Professionals’ Impact on Costs
Ch 22: Workbook Practice
Ch 22: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 22: Web Activities
Ch 22: Review Questions
Ch 22: Application Exercises
Ch 22: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 22: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 23: Performance Improvement and Customer Service
Ch 23: Objectives
Ch 23: Key Terms
Quality of Care
Quality Improvement
Customer Service
Ch 23: Workbook Practice
Ch 23: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 23: Web Activities
Ch 23: Review Questions
Ch 23: Application Exercises
Ch 23: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 23: Suggested Readings and Resources
Unit 9: Securing and Maintaining Employment
Ch 24: Job Leads and the Resume
Ch 24: Objectives
Ch 24: Key Terms
Overview of the Job Search
Finding Job Leads
The Resume
Cover Letters
Ch 24: Workbook Practice
Ch 24: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 24: Web Activities
Ch 24: Review Questions
Ch 24: Application Exercises
Ch 24: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 24: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 25: Interview, Portfolio, and Application
Ch 25: Objectives
Ch 25: Key Terms
The Job Interview
Accepting the Job
Declining the Job
Dealing with Rejection
Filling Out Applications
Ch 25: Workbook Practice
Ch 25: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 25: Web Activities
Ch 25: Review Questions
Ch 25: Application Exercises
Ch 25: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 25: Suggested Readings and Resources
Ch 26: Successful Employment Strategies
Ch 26: Objectives
Ch 26: Key Terms
Getting Off to a Good Start
Guidelines for Work place Success
Employment Laws
Tracking Your Progress
Moving on
If You are Fired
Professional Development
Ch 26: Workbook Practice
Ch 26: Suggested Learning Activities
Ch 26: Web Activities
Ch 26: Review Questions
Ch 26: Application Exercises
Ch 26: Problem-Solving Practice
Ch 26: Suggested Readings and Resources
Appendix 1: Health Care Professional Organizations
Appendix 2: Useful Spanish Expressions for Health Care Professionals
References and Bibliography