Guide to Computer Network Security 3rd Edition Migga Kizza EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Guide to Computer Network Security (Computer Communications and Networks) 3rd ed. 2015 Edition
by Joseph Migga Kizza (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Content
• Computer Network Fundamentals
• Computer Network Security Fundamentals
• Security Motives and Threats to Computer Networks
• Introduction to Computer Network Vulnerabilities
• Cyber Crimes and Hackers
• Scripting and Security in Computer Networks and Web Browsers
• Security Assessment, Analysis, and Assurance
• Disaster Management
• Access Control and Authorization
• Authentication
• Cryptography
• Firewalls
• System Intrusion Detection and Prevention
• Computer and Network Forensics
• Virus and Content Filtering
• Standardization and Security Criteria: Security Evaluation of Computer Products
• Computer Network Security Protocols
• Security in Wireless Networks and Devices
• Security in Sensor Networks
• Other Efforts to Secure Data in Computer Networks
• Cloud Computing and Related Security Issues
• Virtualization Security
• Mobile Systems and Corresponding Intractable Security Issues
• Conquering the Last Frontier in the Digital Invasion: The Home Front
• Projects

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