Criminal Courts Structure Process and Issues 3rd Edition Champion Hartley Rabe EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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Criminal Courts: Structure, Process, and Issues (3rd Edition) 3rd Edition by Dean J. Champion (Author), Richard D. Hartley (Author), Gary A. Rabe (Author) EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of content
1. Law: The Legal Battlefield
2. The Structure of American Courts
3. The Prosecution
4. The Defense Judges
6. Juries
7. Pre-Trial Procedures and the Trial Process
8. Plea Bargaining and the Adversary System
9. Sentencing Goals and Structures
10. Judicial Sentencing Options, Sentencing Disparities, and Appeals
11. The Juvenile Justice System: Juvenile Rights and Case Processing
12. Juvenile Courts: Adjudication and Disposition
13. Diversion, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Specialty Courts
14. Courts, Media, and the Litigation Explosion.