Accounting / Edition 26 by Carl Warren EBOOK PDF Instant Download




Accounting / Edition 26 by Carl Warren EBOOK PDF Instant Download

Table of Contents

Introduction to Accounting and Business
Nature of a Business
The Role of Accounting in Business
Business Ethics
Profession of Accounting
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Assets, Liabilities, and Owners’ Equity
Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation
Financial Statements
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Analyzing Transactions
Usefulness of an Account
Characteristics of an Account
Analyzing and Summarizing Transactions in Accounts
Illustration of Analyzing and Summarizing Transactions
Trial Balance
Discovery and Correction of Errors
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
The Matching Concept and the Adjusting Process
The Matching Concept
Nature of the Adjusting Process
Recording Adjusting Entries
Summary of Adjustment Process
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Completing the Accounting Cycle
Work Sheet
Financial Statements
Adjusting and Closing Entries
Accounting Cycle
Fiscal Year
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Reversing Entries
Comprehensive Problem 1
Practice Set: Tom’s Asphalt Sealing
Accounting Systems and Internal Controls
Basic Accounting Systems
Internal Control
Manual Accounting Systems
Adapting Manual Accounting Systems
Computerized Accounting Systems
Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
Nature of Merchandising Businesses
Accounting for Purchases
Accounting for Sales
Transportation Costs
Illustration of Accounting for Merchandise Transactions
Chart of Accounts for a Merchandising Business
Income Statement for a Merchandising Business
The Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising Business
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Accounting Systems for Merchandisers
Work Sheet and Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Merchandising Business
Comprehensive Problem 2
Practice Set: The Snow Shop
Practice Set: Hazzard Travel
Nature of Cash and the Importance of Controls Over Cash
Control of Cash Receipts
Internal Control of Cash Payments
Bank Accounts: Their Nature and Use as a Control Over Cash
Bank Reconciliation
Petty Cash
Presentation of Cash on the Balance Sheet
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Classification of Receivables
Internal Control of Receivables
Uncollectible Receivables
Allowance Method of Accounting for Uncollectibles
Direct Write-Off Method of Accounting for Uncollectibles
Characteristics of Notes Receivable
Accounting for Notes Receivable
Receivables on the Balance Sheet
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Discounting Notes Receivable
Internal Control of Inventories
Effect of Inventory Errors on Financial Statements
Inventory Cost Flow Assumptions
Inventory Costing Methods Under a Perpetual Inventory System
Inventory Costing Methods Under a Periodic Inventory System
Comparing Inventory Costing Methods
Valuation of Inventory at Other than Cost
Presentation of Merchandise Inventory on the Balance Sheet
Estimating Inventory Cost
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets
Nature of Fixed Assets
Accounting for Depreciation
Capital and Revenue Expenditures
Disposal of Fixed Assets
Leasing Fixed Assets
Internal Control of Fixed Assets
Natural Resources
Intangible Assets
Financial Reporting for Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Sum-of-the-Years-Digits Depreciation
Current Liabilities
The Nature of Current Liabilities
Short-Term Notes Payable
Contingent Liabilities
Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Accounting Systems for Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Employees’ Fringe Benefits
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Comprehensive Problem 3
Practice Set: The Coddled Canine
Corporations: Organization, Capital Stock Transactions, and Dividends
Nature of a Corporation
Stockholders’ Equity
Sources of Paid-In Capital
Issuing Stock
Treasury Stock Transactions
Stock Splits
Accounting for Dividends
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Corporations: Income and Taxes, Stockholders’ Equity, and Investments in Stocks
Corporate Income Taxes
Unusual Items that Affect the Income Statement
Earnings per Common Share
Reporting Stockholders’ Equity
Comprehensive Income
Accounting for Investments in Stocks
Business Combinations
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Practice Set: Nina Decorating House
Practice Set: First Designs, Inc.
Bonds Payable and Investments in Bonds
Financing Corporations
Characteristics of Bonds Payable
The Present-Value Concept and Bonds Payable
Accounting for Bonds Payable
Bond Sinking Funds
Bond Redemption
Investments in Bonds
Corporation Balance Sheet
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Effective Interest Rate Method of Amortization
Comprehensive Problem 4
Statement of Cash Flows
Purpose of the Statement of Cash Flows
Reporting Cash Flows
Statement of Cash Flows–The Indirect Method
Statement of Cash Flows–The Direct Method
Financial Analysis and Interpretation
Work Sheet for Statement of Cash Flows
Financial Statement Analysis
Basic Analytical Procedures
Solvency Analysis
Profitability Analysis
Summary of Analytical Measures
Corporate Annual Reports
Introduction to Managerial Accounting and Job Order Cost Systems
The Differences Between Managerial and Financial Accounting
The Management Accountant in the Organization
Manufacturing Cost Terms
Cost Accounting System Overview
Job Order Cost Systems for Manufacturing Businesses
Job Order Costing for Decision Making
Job Order Cost Systems for Professional Service Businesses
Practice Set: Sunblaze Inc.
Process Cost Systems
Comparing Job Order Costing and Process Costing
Physical Flows and Cost Flows for a Process Manufacturer
The First-In, First-Out (Fifo) Method
Bringing It All Together: The Cost of Production Report
Journal Entries for a Process Cost System
Using the Cost of Production Report for Decision Making
Just-in-Time Processing
Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Cost Behavior
Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
Mathematical Approach to Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Graphic Approach to Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Sales Mix Considerations
Special Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
Assumptions of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Variable Costing
Nature and Objectives of Budgeting
Budgeting Systems
Master Budget
Income Statement Budgets
Balance Sheet Budgets
Performance Evaluation Using Variances from Standard Costs
Budgetary Performance Evaluation
Direct Materials Variances
Direct Labor Variances
Factory Overhead Variances
Recording and Reporting Variances from Standards
Standards for Nonmanufacturing Expenses
Nonfinancial Performance Measures
Performance Evaluation for Decentralized Operations
Centralized and Decentralized Operations
Responsibility Accounting for Cost Centers
Responsibility Accounting for Profit Centers
Responsibility Accounting for Investment Centers
Transfer Pricing
Differential Analysis and Product Pricing
Differential Analysis
Setting Normal Product Selling Prices
Product Profitability and Pricing Under Production Bottlenecks
Activity-Based Costing
Capital Investment Analysis
Nature of Capital Investment Analysis
Methods of Evaluating Capital Investment Proposals
Factors That Complicate Capital Investment Analysis
Capital Rationing
Interest Tables
Codes of Professional Ethics for Accountants
Alternative Methods of Recording Deferrals
Periodic Inventory Systems for Merchandising Businesses
Foreign Currency Transactions
Cisco Systems, Inc., Annual Report
Subject Index
Company Index