A History of Asia / Edition 7by Rhoads Murphey EBOOK PDF Instant Download


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A History of Asia / Edition 7 by Rhoads Murphey EBOOK PDF Instant Download
Table of Contents

Contents by Country or Region. List of Maps. List of Documents. Preface. Author’s Note to the Reader. About the Author. A Note on the Spelling of Asian Names and Words. Wade-Giles/Pinyin Equivalents. Map: Monsoon Asia. Chronology. Introduction: Monsoon Asia as a Unit of Study

1. Prehistoric Asia.
2. Asian Religions And Their Cultures.
3. The Traditional Societies Of Asia.
4. The Civilization Of Ancient India.
5. The Civilization Of Ancient China.
6. Medieval India.
7. Early And Medieval Southeast Asia.
8. China: A Golden Age.
9. Early, Classical, And Medieval Japan And Korea.
10. Mughal India And Central Asia. 11. New Imperial Splendor In China: The Ming Dynasty.
12. The West Arrives In Asia. 13. Manchu China And Tokugawa Japan.
14. The Rise Of British Power In India.
15. The Triumph Of Imperialism In Asia.
16. Subjugation, Nationalism, And Revolution In China And India.
17. The Struggle For Asia , 1920-1945.
18. Revival And Revolution In Japan And China.
19. Korea And Southeast Asia In The Modern World.
20. South Asia : Independence, Political Division, And Development.
21. Asia In The Twenty-First Century. Acknowledgments. Index.